Marius Schuller

operations lead | dungeon master | developer | photographer

Marius Schuller | operations lead dungeon master developer photographer

Hi! I’m Marius, a generalist with wildly varying interests and a quick grasp on many things. My passion lies in information technology, computer science and how these fields can improve our lives.
Ah yes, and I also somewhat do arts!

In the past I worked extensively with Open- and FreeBSD as well as Debian and Ubuntu Linux and wouldn’t have it any other way. Puppet, Shell and Ruby are the main workhorses of my tool belt which I employ using the one and only Vim text editor. In more recent times Docker and Terraform found their way in there, too.

Most of this time was spent working at genua and currently makandra. Both are pretty great places to work at albeit for different reasons.

Since I spent the majority of time at work within tech I try to counteract this and engage with other topics not necessarily shackled in capitalism. That’s also the reason you’ll find more non-tech projects of me here.

In my spare time I’m trying to make imaginary worlds come alive when I take on the role of a dungeon master in multiple D&D 5e games with many different people.

As almost all of the things above are only being done with (and within) the head and very little gets created physically, which I try to combat with taking pictures using old, analogue cameras.
As mentioned above I’m also trying myself as an artist in the niche hobby of miniature painting.

Heads up: Some of my posts may only be available in german.